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These pages are intended to support the official pages of Brotherhood of Brig of STS F.Chopin.

Information collected on these pages are taken mostly from Internet so do not be astonished to find texts in various languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and of course English and Polish.


Unfortunately most of the pages are in Polish (pol.) but majority of links are in other languages. You can click all underlined words (active links) and images to get them in better resolution.

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Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009

Tall Ships' Races 2009

Boston, USA, signs up for Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009

The Beatles and the sailors

Tall Ships' Races 2008

The Beatles to Entertain Conference Delegates in Liverpool

Big times of a new series of The Tall Ships' Races are coming. We all remember the glories of the past and getting ready for new challenges.

Adriatic Sea - satelite view

Aegean Sea

Creation of many new seas and ports. Links to pages in English.

Brigs in the past

"Brigs in the past".

We start to collect information about Brigs from the historical perspective

tests of autonomous vehicles

We are not happy with this concept!

Tall Bridges

We are fans of Tall Ships so it is a good idea to something about other "tall things" - Tall Bridges this time (sorry, in Polish only)

Brigs of the World unite

Brigs of the World unite - an idea of Mateusz Potempski, the 3rd officer on STS F.Chopin during The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2007.

World Atlas - MSN Maps Encarta

You are invited to visit pages on North Atlantic Ocean. There is a new page created covering Gulf of Maine region. New links to ports in the areas will be added regularly.

Tall Buildings by MoMA - New York

Tall Buildings by MoMA (Modern Museum of Arts)

After many days spent on Tall Ship ie. STS F.Chopin be invited to visit an extraordinary virtual exhibition. It is strongly suggested to Architects. The best idea is to visit it during real sightseeing of New York.

Fight of Brotherhood of Brig to get access to STS F.Chopin

Sumo fighters like the Brotherhood of Brig fighting against the owner of STS F.Chopin go get access to her.

New anchor for STS F.Chopin

Who knows? Maybe it is a good spare anchor for STS F.Chopin.

Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009

There are fantastic and exciting suggestions for the Race through Atlantic Ocean. The Race route covers typical sailing for the School Afloat (mostly in Polish).

Tanks on the streets of Warsaw (in Polish only). That is only the The Army Day.

Historical Seas Tall Ships Regata 2008


The Tall Ships' Races 2008

Time to start preparations for the next year competition

The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2007 - fireworks in Szczecin

There is a sample of the Fireworks in the Harbor to celebrate the end of The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2007.

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