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STS F.Chopin - The Tall Ships' Races

Big and exciting initiative of Mateusz Potempski - the organizer of the participation of the STS F.Chopin in The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2007.


Let start to consider a meeting of reasonable amount of Birigs. They sail and take part in the Tall Ships' Races but to see all of them collected one time in one place would create unforgettable recollections for young sailors as well for the public.

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Chopin hardware - sails

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STI sailing vessels - the best database to search for technical and links information.

On this page you can find links and databases of dedicated ship. As lovers of STS F.Chopin we would like to concentrate on Brigs.

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sts F.Chopin - fot.M.Potempski

STS Fyderyk Chopin - the owner's Page.

History of the Schools Afloat

Official Page of society of STS F.Chopin Brotherhood of Brig - only in Polish


Technical information.

She spends most of the time sailing Atlantic Ocean with Schools Afloat (in Polish).

She participated in many fascinating projects like sailing round Cape Horn or Columbus Regatta.

home page: Aphrodite



Technical specification:

built: 1994
Length: 31m
Beam: 6,6m
Draft: 1,9m
Sails: 383m2
Passengers: 16 (several days), 45 (one-day trips)

A Litany for Aphrodite


home page: The Lady Nelson


Built: Tasmania 1987-88
Keel and frame: Tasmanian Blue Gum
Planks and deck: Celery Top Pine

Lady Nelson by Wikipedia

Technical specification

Length: 16.7m
Beam: 5.4m
Draft: 2.8m
Keel: 12 tons lead
Engine: Gardiner 118 HP
Displacement: 60 tons
Crew: 6 - 10  Passengers: 34 Day sail, 10 Overnight

The Lady Nelson, HER STORY


home page: Mercedes

Technical specifications

Length: 50m
Beam: 7.6m
Draft: 3.6m
Sails: 900m2 (18)
Keel: 12 tons lead
Engine: 800 HP
Displacement: 430 tons
Passengers: 135 Day sail

home page: Lady Washington



Lady Washington by Wikipedia


FAQ on Lady Washington

home page: Niagara

Technical specifications:

Length: 60.4m
Beam: 9.9m
Draft: 3.4m
Sails: 1077m2
Tons: 162 GRT
Engine: Twin 200 HP diesels
Displacement: 430 tons

home page: Phoenix

Phoenix Group Islands.

Technical specifications:

Length: 34m
Beam: 6.7m
Draft: 2.6m
Sails: 372m2
Tons: 79.1 GRT
Engine: 235 HP diesels
Displacement: 430 tons

Crew: 10
Day Guests: 40

FAQ on Lady Washington

home page: Prince William

Sister ship to Stavros

Story about Prince William Heny

Technical specifications:

Length: 59.4m
Beam: 9.9m
Draft: 4.5m
Sails: 1162m2
Tons: 493 GRT
Engine: 2 x MTU 330kw
Displacement: 635 tons

Crew: 18

Voyage crew: 48 (trainees)


FAQ on Lady Washington

home page: Stavros S Niarchos

Sister ship to Prince William


Unicorn at sunset - fot.M.Potempski

home page:  Unicorn

(very little can be learnt from this page)


home page: Roald Amundsen

about great expedition leader :  Roald Amundsen

FAQ on Lady Washington

FAQ on Lady Washington

Technical specifications:

Length: 50,2m
Beam: 7,2m
Draft: 4,2m
Sails: 850m2
Tons: GRT
Engine: Buckau-Wolff, 220 PS
Displacement: tons












Tre Kronor  

Square Rig Sailing

Square Rig Sailing

J.Carliste Site

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Alma Doepel Tall Ships Site

Alma Doepel

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drawed May 30, 1995 at banks of Norh Cornwal, Anglia

FAQ on Lady Washington


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