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STI - enormous data base of sailing vessels registered in the Sail Training International


Brigs and other beautiful sailing vessels of the World


STI - enormous data base of sailing vessels registered in the Sail Training International

sts F.Chopin - fot.M.Potempski

STS Frideric Chopin - Brotherhood of Brig

Brigs of the World unite

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Tall Ships of San Francisco

Tall Ships of San Francisco.


A new verssion of a battle brig!

(it is not a competition for our the best and wide World known sailing vessels builder

Zygmunt Choreń)


Jeszcze jeden w Londynie.

Jason Stieva

Jason Stieva

Salvador Dali
jeden z wielu
Salvadora Dali
Christmas Tree Scooner
Christmas Tree Schooner
World Ship Trust The British Postal Museum List of Museum Ships by Wikipedia I am not sure weather all yardsman and brigman that we have a red pig year in chinees calendar. (2007)


Some other:                                                       


Sail Names and Rig Types of tall ships


ST. LAWRENCE II, located at Portsmouth Harbour in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Bytown Brigantine Inc. non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to building character through the adventure of tall ship sail training.
Classic Boat Designs by Daniel Skira

Großsegler: Die Schonerbrigg 'Greif'

Mercator -Belgium

U.S. Brig Niagara

Prince William


Le Belem à Caen


Asgard II

Alexander von Humboldt

HMS Bounty

City of Adelaide

Christian Radich

Dar Młodzieży

Barque Europa

Eye of the Wind

Stad Amsterdam
Brigantine Falado von Rhodos

Brigantine SV FLorette

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